How to help children: charity through Yandex-Money

How to help children: charity through Yandex-Money

There is always a place in the world for the sincere help and kindness. You can help in fund raising for curing of seriously ill children. It is very simple. It starts from inside warmth and sympathy to several steps forward small people just by pressing a button «Make a contribution for children curing».on our web site.

For contribution through Yandex-Money it is necessary to fulfill an application form for the payment with your data and required information:

Then you should confirm the contribution:

Your transfer is finished! Thank you very much!

Yandex-Monay payment system allows to make safe payments in the Internet and to keep secure the information about the payments and deposits.

If you don’t have an account in Yandex-Monay system you will need just few minutes to create it: to register in payment system on Yandex website follow the link:«To open an account»
Payment terminals, on-line transfer systems and bank cards will allow you to deposit your account in Yandex-Monay system; just follow the link «How to deposit my account»

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