Help for children: opened hearts

Children are our future
(pic. 17.1 – Children are our future)
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Help for children

«The smaller help is better rather than the biggest sympathy».

 Vladislav Lorants

Help for children – is our special duty. There are lives exist which are much more valuable than our own. This is clear for those who learnt the joy of children voices in their homes. These people have opened hearts.

We have a button «Make a contribution for children curing» on our website - this is small step to sympathy, helping hand given to the future.

This charitable internet-trust joins the forces of networked users for effective fundraising and their appropriation for social and medical emergency needs: expensive courses of therapy, surgeries, help for child care centers. Thanks to these contributions children will be able to get all necessary help and support.

Each benefactor can trace a report about raised and appropriated money. The histories where the help is needed are carefully examined; there is maintained fixed contact with the centers, all necessary medicines and items are bought according to the average price.

Children are waiting for our help, they need it. Also as they need opened hearts of the adults.

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