How to lay gas to the private house if it’s not registered

Finished up construction of countryside house but have not registered it yet many people ask themselves: «Can I organize a system of independent gasification before cadastral registration?»

Registration in Land Cadastral Chamber
(pic. 136.1 – Registration in Land
Cadastral Chamber)
Fire inspector
(pic. 136.2 – Fire inspector)

Yes, you can. Easily.

Federal Land Cadastral Chamber performs the state registration of land property and the real estate objects. I.e., it’s in charge of items of immovable property and «land».

Gas tank is neither a subject of the first matter not the second one. Gas cistern is a mobile system of gas supply which can be easily mounted and dismounted.

Registration of a house in Land Cadastral Chamber is mainly required for taxation which depends on the size of the land and constructions. According to the regulations gas tank is set equal to gas cylinder of big size placed outside next to the private house.

Land Cadastral Chamber doesn’t concern gas nets and is not in charge of them. That’s’ fire-fighting service which is in charge of gas-handling facility and which is responsible for fire security. Land Cadastral Chamber and Fire Fighting Service are different authorities and don’t comply with each other.

That is why registration of the house to arrange independent gasification doesn’t matter at all.

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