The main gas pipeline connection: remember about…

When you decide to connect your private house to the main gas pipeline or just dreaming about the main pipeline with «blue-sky fuel» next to you, remember…

Attention! You should remember!
(pic. 59.1 – Attention! You should remember!)

…that the years and maybe even decades will pass first when the main gas pipeline will reach some corners of Russia.
…thatthe expenses to lay the branch of the main gas pipeline are not warrantable: an average pay back period for the main gas pipeline on a small territory is about 18 years!
…that the connection will ask for the additional charges: you should add project design and gas pipeline lay expenses to the price for one cubical meter.
…that after cadastral registration the land tax will be increased in 52 times.
…that there is a trivial theft exists: unauthorized connections, which cause the pressure falls in the main gas pipeline and burners shutdown.
…that the cost of the main pipeline gas increases reaching the average European price.
…that all along the Gazprom pipe in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug the stuff uses independent gas for heating without using the main pipeline.
…that a lot of time and money will be “stolen” by the documents collecting for the connection authorization: home plan, land documents, heating system design and others…
…that each kilometer of the distance from the main gas pipeline essentially increases the lay cost.
…that «Gazprom» accepting the project designs to supply gas to the customers which are quit far from the main gas pipeline considers an independent gas supply as one of the solutions.
…that almost one third of all our clients who have the main gas pipeline switch to the independent gas because the problem of low pressure cannot be solved.

High quality of gas tanks
(pic. 59.2 – High quality of gas tanks)

Italian Company Antonio Merloni «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» offers to forget about all «remember that…» and solves the gasification problem by high quality products – «Antonio Merloni» unique gas tanks.

High quality of the tanks for the independent gas supply and the comfort in use made them very popular on gas supply market in Europe.

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