How to check the rest of gas?

How to check the rest of gas?
(pic. 17.1 – How to check the rest of gas?)

How to check the rest of gas?

You can check the rest of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in gas tank with help of magnetic float level indicator.

Magnetic display panel will inform you with high precision the level of gas in the cistern (in percents: from 0 to 100%). Here there is provided high precision of gas level measurement.

Indicator consists of rotors which are attached to one another by built-in magnet. Float gauge, placed inside gas tank, also has magnet; it partially submerged into liquefied gas, i.e. it remains on the level of the liquid phase surface. Magnetic force of the float gauge transforms rotors (“separates” them), one of them starts rolling. Float gauge location is transmitted to external display panel - magnetized needle shows the rest of gas.

Necessity of charge will not turn to surprise for you!

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