Gas for cottage, for summer house and for country house.

 Gas for cottage, gas for country house, gas for summer house – it’s easy! From technical point of view independent gas supply surprises us by the simplicity and reliability of the system and by almost complete lack of any maintenance cares. Independent gasification is a complex which consists of special tank for liquefied petroleum gas storage in required volumes (according to a customer needs) and pipe line system for gas supply to customers.

Reliability of independent gas supply
Pic. 20.1 – Reliability of independent gas supply.
Security of independent gasification
(Pic. 20.2 – Security of independent gasification.)

Looking for the equipment first of all a customer is ruled by two factors: reliability and security. Independent gasification system operating on liquefied petroleum gas meets these requirements in full.

Security of gas is not evident for everyone. Outdoor gas systems are completely safe because the gas concentration in the opened air can’t exceed the critical limit – if leakage happens wind diffuses the gas dropping down a percentage component lower than one-percent limit, excluding the possibility of explosion or flaming. Gas blowout stream under the high pressure is also completely safe. It’s like a one-use gas cigarette lighter whose transparent case can be easily found in any kiosk showcase. If you remove protective tin cap and open a gas supply valve up to the stop you won’t be able to burn up a tight gas stream – the flame will be pulled down by the head. The same happens with the tank – it’s impossible to inflame the leak point: gas flies away without having the time to mix with the air in explosive quantities.

During peatland fires in Moscow region the tanks heated up, the pressure exceeded 17,5 atm and then … a secure valve opened and liquid fraction bled off under big pressure up to the atmosphere. Tanks were completely discharged; there wasn’t the air (oxidant) left inside and even if anyone managed to put there any opened fire the flame formation couldn’t happen. During the fires on peat-bogs gas tanks became red-hot and charred but the explosion never occurred.

Explosion of liquefied petroleum gas is possible only in bottles which are not equipped with safety valve.

Fear and nonconfidence to gas are trivially stereotyped. Huge and colorful gas explosions are the result of special-effects professionals’ work, appealed to strengthen an impact to the viewer but basically it’s almost impossible to realize these explosions in real live even acting intended. Gas tank turned to the bomb buried on the lot territory is nonsense and a profound mistake forced up by television and cinema.

Beginning from 1952 there have not been detected any accidents in the world connected with independent gasification. Only the fire inside the house might pose the threat. But three conditions are required to provoke gas explosion inside the house: closed space, fatal concentration limit of the gas in the air: 5-8% of gas and 92-95% of the air and fire resource. Horrors shown on the television (enormous explosions, broken glass, concrete walls pressed by the fire) don’t concern independent gas-supply systems.



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