Olympic discount: toward Olympic games and independent gas supply

January holidays has passed. They finished booming and stacked by the buyings, congratulations and tablefuls. The XXII Winter Olympic Games are coming; they will take place on the Black Sea coast, in unique Sochi city.

Olympic discount, cost saving
(pic. 31.1 – Olympic discount, cost saving)

Don’t miss your chance – 5% from the price for gas tanks from A.M.
(pic. 31.2 – Don’t miss your chance – 5% from
the price for gas tanks from A.M.)

We want to stretch out the feeling of the festivity and to fulfill it with the reflection of the Olympic emblems. In February Italian corporate «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.A.» organizes Olympic discount promotion. Let its symbol be five intertwisting Olympic rings, which shine on white satin flag of sport festival.

During all the month you will be able to buy equipment from «Antonio Merloni» with 5% discount.. Five Olympic rings – five percent of your economy.

Olympic promotion in February is one more chance to solve the question of private house gasification positively. This is a movement forward the joy and comfort. Don’t miss such kind of possibility as well as Olympic Games in Sochi.

Group of Companies «Terrikom» always thinks about its clients. We understand the difficulties and handicaps on the way to independence from the main pipeline gas. Including financial… We try to make independent gasification closer and more accessible.

Don’t miss your chance.
Enjoy honest sport competitions being in comfort warmth.
From the 1st to 28th of February 2014: minus 5% from the price for gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni»!

Let the slogan of Olympic Games «Faster, Higher and Stronger!» sound for your family hearth which found independent gas supply as : «Better, Faster and Chipper!».

All who paid the equipment in February will get five percent discount for extra reliable Italian equipment for independent gasification. The references which are not available in the warehouse in Moscow will be ordered and delivered from Italy.

Address to the managers and trade agents in the cities of Russia and in the countries of Customs Union.



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