To be ahead of Euro

Increased demand for foreign currency created ruble fall. Within the year we’ve been observing Euro exchange rate increase in Russia and this is as a given. For a moment we are interested in forecasts and following measures. What comes next?

Euro exchange rate

(pic. 41.1 – Euro exchange rate)

Gasification on time: before Euro exchange rate increases

(pic. 41.2 – Gasification on time:
before Euro exchange rate increases)

Experts, based on petroleum which falls in price and cautions of investors (who are afraid of new sanctions against RF and reflex interdictions) forecast further European currency exchange rate increase. Most probably ruble will continue falling. Some bank analysts suppose that by the end of the year Euro will cost more than 51,4 rubles.

We don’t invite you to take risk-laden currency exchange operations where the rate depends on political situation and other factors. We would like to address to the owners of private houses, summer houses and cottages who are going to organize independent gas supply system. And also to whom who are constructing or are going to joint to happy owners of countryside property, thinking about warmth in future home, planning independent gasification.

Don’t miss your chance!

Take the opportunity and buy Italian equipment for independent gasification cheaper; due to Euro currency increase the prices for high quality «Antonio Merloni» gas tanks will only increase in future.

Rather than making small steps from side to side doubting and postponing to buy, it’s better to make the step ahead – to give the warmth and independence to your countryside residence. The only one possibility not to pay for gasification today more than tomorrow - here it is. In front of you.

You have only to make a phone call or connect Skype.



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