- “It seems I thought up”, - Andrey said

Sister looked at him hopefully. The 9th of May approached; just couple of weeks and well – balloons will flight in the sky, there will sound drums and trumpets, veterans will shed a tear, - but they haven’t still decided about the gift for their grandpa, who is battle-front veteran, T-34 tank driver.

- And? Spit it out! – Larisa reprimanded looking at her two madcaps scampering around park fountain. Heh! More than thirty years passed, but it seems that it was just few days ago when they were playing as well together with her brother, and their village house was statelier and cozy.

- Gas boiler, - Andrey said, paging through the Internet on his phone.
- What? You know grandpa well; he will stand up for old boiler. Throw away old things for him is similar to go back on friend.
- No need to go back on anyone. That’s only the time to stop breaking the neck with wood; he is not a young boy anymore. Even for young man all these troubles are useless – today is the XXI century, which wood we are speaking about? Which coal?


- Well, I don’t know…. – Larisa sustained with doubt.
- I know, - brother said self confidently. – Look, granddad has solid-fuelled boiler now. New gas boiler will be mounted in parallel without breaking the system and without demounting anything.
- He would never allow breaking anything, he would never agree it.
- That’s exactly what I’m speaking about, no need to do that. Both boilers, old and new one, will work for all the house. If you want you can heat by wood, or hot water and warmth on gas, if you want.

Larisa nodded thinking about what she’s just heard. Her sons switched to pigeons: “baiting” feathereds with stones.
- To tell the truth, - Andrey said, - I have already called and told him.
- To whom?
- To granddad, - brother smiled.

- And?
- Old man grumbled first, he even didn’t want to listen, but later he took an interest. After he knew that we would keep old boiler – it will be useful in a rainy day! – and it will also increase efficiency of the system, he stopped contradicting and assailed with questions. Granddad is ready for independent gasification. So, we have a gift for granddad for the holiday!


- Which gasification for? – Sister asked again.
- For independent one, - Andrey said. – Independent from the main pipeline gas, which granddad has been waiting for hundred years and will be waiting for it for more than hundred years more. Gas tank, well, cistern with gas will be digged in on the lot and the pipe will be laid to the house, to gas boiler. Enjoy using it!

Larisa looked at her brother squinting with arch. She knew him inside out.
- I suppose you have already found competent company? Who will take care of installation of this gift?

Andrey nodded joyfully.
- Yes, I have! Excellent professionals: heard out, gave consultation, advised. They are called “Terrikom” and they have office in Moscow. They will install, mount, connect in parallel, will start up and adjust. They said that it would run like clockwork: after wood burns up and boiler cools down, gas brother turns out. And anyway, it’s time to switch completely to gas because to prepare wood, to bring it, clean up soot and ash…

- So, in case you already found everything out, - Larisa nodded, - that means, it’s decided.
- Decided!
Six years old Kolka run up to the bench where brother and sister were sitting.
- Mom, when are we going to go to the village and visit granddad?
Larisa smiled.
- Soon, my dear, soon.


Living on the nature - isn’t it a dream of every older person? The dream of granddad came true long time ago: nice place, beautiful nature, but the house was not becoming younger and it asked more and more complicated maintenance. Years, years… In the winter in wasn’t possible to keep comfort warmth; the boiler which operated on coal and wood turned to capricious assistant.

Grandkids’ gift solved this problem at one stroke. More truly, at four. One day was spent to install underground gas tank, three other days – to modernize water heating system, to install additional gas boiler and to connect it in parallel to general network.

- It’s standard practice, - installers’ foreman told to happy owner of the house. – We connect gas boilers to electrical, diesel and solid-fuelled boilers. That’s comfortable, efficient, and will help in case if there will not be enough power.

- Oh, how graceful, oh, well! – Veteran nodded.
Andrey and Larisa were smiling. Happy veteran’s great grandchildren were running on ringing, green grass. A kite was flitting in feathery clouds. Glowing-cheeks sun was shining. Pleasant breeze was bowing.

Five days left before the Victory day but you could feel the holiday right now – it was streamed in the air like nectar.
Like a warmth of the appreciation.



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