Price increase for electricity and water: tightness of the social norm (part 1)

Is the price being increased again?
(pic. 20.1 – Is the price being increased again?)

The price for electricity and water will be increased.
In 2014
Government of Russia recommends its citizens to direct their eyes to energy saving technologies or to try to get along with the tightness of the social norms.

The Regulation regarding the establishment of «social norms of electricity consumption» is already signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Next year citizens of Russian Federation are going to learn to their own cost sharp corners of new schema when the payment for electricity in the frames of social norms will be charges according to low rates and the «excess consumption» will be paid according to the market price.

The Government assures that there will not be any jump in price, it promises smooth price increase. Moreover, those who will manage not to fall outside the limits of the social norm will be promised reduction of the expenses.

According to the affirmation of Igor Nikolaev, Director of the FBK' Strategic Analysis Institute (Financial and Accounting Consultants), the experience of such schemas implementation is interjectionally straight-lined: people will pay more! «Social norm» which theoretically allows to make reference not to the rates increase, will not change total payments which will noticeably increase.

So, what does «social norm» in figures mean? What will a customer be able to afford drawing the electricity out from this «box with chip energy»? What will the result of the norm exceed?

Increase of the rates for electricity
(pic. 20.2 – Increase of the rates
for electricity)

The ground plan of the Ministry of Energy considered strengthening the monthly flat rate which was unified for all the regions: 100 kWh. Social norms of this size are hardly sufficient to illuminate an apartment by incandescent lamps, for TV operating and very rare vacuum cleaner use. The «superfluity» to install an air conditioner, heaters, boilers, the «chic» to use electric teapot, washing machine and dishwashing machines will come back to owners of three-rooms apartments by the price increase for the electricity.

For a moment, even experts cannot give precise estimate, the prices for the electrical energy considering the discounts and subsidies vary from 100 to 1500 rubles. Also there is no any clarity in the question of the payment for illumination of communal staircases and elevator operating.

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