Prices increase for the equipment from «Antonio Merloni» in 2014

Price increase for the equipment in 2014
(pic. 28.1 – Price increase for
the equipment in 2014)
Deliberate decisions
(pic. 28.2 - Deliberate decisions)

Hoofbeat of 2014 is already behind the gates. The harbinger of new events, novelties, changes. You should be ready for them and play with forecasts if possible.

In 2014 there will be price increase for equipment of «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.A.», company; it is connected with price increase for metal in Europe and with revision of direction for activity of Italian Corporate.

Price increase for vertical gas tanks is expected for 5-8% from the cost of the equipment in the range of different volumes.

Stop delaying for the future your dreams about independent gasification. Eternal repeat of «tomorrow, tomorrow…» is a way to negative emotions and stress. It’s not a realization of desired goals that fraught with washed out orienting points and aspirations.

It’s time to decide and act.
Let one of the motivations be an understanding of financial advantages, which are opened when you buy gas tanks from «Antionio Merloni» for old price. Before the price increases.

Enter New Year with the words said by classics of literature:
«If you wait while the conditions will maturate you will never start anything» (I.S.Turgenev)
«It is impossible to live as a child who can hardly wait for the Christmas with its gifts under the Christmas tree» (R. Bradberry)

Be in a hurry wisely.
Don’t forget about unprecedented New Year discounts for the equipment from «Antonio Merloni» for independent gas supply. Address about all questions concerning purchase to the managers and trade agents in the cities of Russia and in countries of Customs Union.



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