Projects on base of independent gasification.

Independent gas supply projects - residential complexes on islands
(Pic. 17.1 – Independent gas supply projects -
residential complexes on islands.)
Reliable warmth
(Pic. 17.2 – Reliable warmth.)
Ambitious projects on base of independent gasification
(Pic. 17.3 – Ambitious projects on base
of independent gasification.)

Gasification of a cottage and summer house, gas supply system for country house – these independent systems on base of gas holders will help to realize your projects. Independent gasification can be also applied realizing the most ambitious projects, independent and fast putting to use:

  • Residential complexes on islands and water ponds.
  • Fishing and hunting lodges.
  • Motels and hotels.
  • Airdromes (small hotels for pilots-parachutists).
  • Restaurants, cafes, shops along the roadway and so on.

It will not take much time and efforts to efficiently convey previously operated on coal old pioneer and tourist camps and sanatoriums to independent heating system and start it up.Objects that are far from gasified residential areas can be “brought back to life” fast and without big investments!

More often state companies resort to alternative variant of gas supply organization for settlements which are situated in areas without natural gas sources – to independent gasification systems on base of liquefied petroleum gas (propane-butane). The largest-ever project has been realizing in North-West region to provide 600 houses in country settlement with independent liquefied petroleum gas supply. It is supposed to install four independent storages for liquefied petroleum gas (two underground gas tanks with 20m3 volume and an evaporating system) and gas pipe-line with total length of 30 km. Independent gasification will provide the settlement with reliable, constant and completely independent warmth and gas supply.

Russia stores up an experience of pilot project realization where alternative types of gas sources are used, in particular systems of independent gas supply. New technologies and correspondent equipment have been developing to apply them in gasification projects, and special organizations provide with regulatory-procedural and planning documentation. Even “Gazprom” rendering a project decision about gas supply for the customers who are quit remote from main pipe sources network, considers the independent gasification as one of possible solutions.




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