Propane-butane (LPG): obligatory gas pipeline installation under the ground

Underground gas pipeline installation
(pic. 133.1 – Underground gas pipeline
Vertical gas service pipe
(pic. 133.2 – Vertical gas
service pipe)

This article is an answer to frequently asked questions:
«Why is it forbidden to install gas pipeline from gas tank to the house above the ground?», «What if I want to lay gas pipe along the fence, on the ground?».

Organizing system of independent gasification there is allowed only under the ground gas pipeline installation (in the trench prepared in advance). The way of gas pipeline installation to provide house with independent gas is to be chosen considering special features of liquefied gases which pass to liquid state when temperature falls. Underground gas pipeline uses thermal potential of the earth when above the ground (on the ground) one doesn’t have such kind of «assistance» and it doesn’t have any protection from temperature differences.

At outlet from the ground and at input to private house the part of gas pipeline (gas service pipe) should be certainly vertical.

This requirement is for cases of gas condensation (butane which has boiling temperature – 0,5˚С) during strong frosts when it flows down along the pipe, heats up and raises again. Horizontal above the ground installation is possible only where it is respected running-off slope. Coming back to vertical installation it’s reasonable to note that the length of the gas pipeline above the ground should not exceed five meters.

Don’t confuse магистральный the main pipeline gas with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Temperatures below freezing point will provoke liquefaction of gas and will stop evaporating. That’s exactly why gas pipeline installation should be only under the ground.

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