We are indexing again: price increase for gas

The forecast of price indexation
YearWholesale prices for gas for citizens. IndexationIndustrial wholesales prices for gas. Indexation.
Price increase for gas
(40.1 – Price increase for gas)

This is not the most pleasant achievement which is waiting for Russians in 2017. Macroeconomic forecast (for the next three years) from the Ministry for Economic Development of RF informs about the rates of wholesales prices increase for gas.

We are indexing again, looking into the future again:
As you can see from the table above, price increase for gas for citizens will «one body» outrace the price for gas for industrial consumers. Such a forecast and so doubtful «record».

Price increase will be realized considering adjustments of cross-subsidization (rates redistribution) between citizens and other groups of consumers.

Rates increase for gas for industrial consumers is the result of price control for electricity (the price for gas strongly influences over the price for electric power).

To minimize increase of the final cost for gas the Government will amend current legislation where controlled wholesales prices and payments for supply and sale services will be fixed as ceiling. Such fixation will concern all consumer categories, except citizens.



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