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Gas service pipe provides junction between underground polyethylene gas pipeline connected to a gas tank and external steel pipe situated next to outside wall of gasified object. This connecting element in the system of independent gasification presents itself unsplit welded connection between HDP and steel pipe with corrosion resistant coating (polyethylene bitumen tape) according to GOST 9.015-74.

Ground-mounted positioning of gas pipeline obliges to use only metal pipes where it’s possible to use “Eco” service pipe, what is economy version, made in Russia. Gas pipe with Ø32 mm (the most popular variant; for big – industrial – objects diameter might be increased considering gas flow rate) comes out next to the object and is covered by cap. Under the ground there is organized polyethylene-steel connector adaptor.

This is the cheapest way of connection of gas service pipe to the house (BUT WITHOUT PIPE INLET TO THE HOUSE) - you will never find lower price! Service pipe is made according to GOSTs: gas pipe is isolated by polyethylene bitumen tape, covered by plug without thread on top and screwed by pin to the front of the object.

All other works – installation of gas cock and blow-off valve, pipe inlet to the house, painting and so on – are ordered by client for additional payment.







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