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Gas service pipe provides gas pipeline inlet to a private house from underground gas pipe. Gas service pipe “Lux” consists of a set of details for gas pipeline input inside the object:

- Heavy walled gas pipe with powder (polymer magnetized on the pipe and bakes in the furnace) “mat shagreen” paint in yellow color.

- Electric-welded pipe, longitudinal

- Gas ball cock made in Italy which operates at the temperature up to - 25 ºС (what is very important because many ball cocks presented on the market operate only at 0…-5 ºС – you just will not close it during frosts).

- Technological covers (sleeve) to the house and pavement.

- Plastic mouldings (cover plate for pipe) which cover a gap between pipe and house.

-  Compression joints Tiemme (Italy) for “steel-HDP” switch with brass collar.

- Temme sleeve (Italy).

- Tiemme quick disconnect (general) fitting (Italy).

- Heat shrinkable sheath to protect joints from environmental loads.

- Heat insulator Thermaflex (Russia).

- Fixings (pins, anchoring).

- Collars Mupro Optimal (Germany).

- Tiemme caps (Italy).

The set also includes a drawing to assemble gas service pipe; gun with anaerobic (blue) gel Idronord (Italy) to seal threaded connections; American spray for gas leakage test (luminant in ultraviolet light in leaking place). Having complete ”Lux” set an owner of countryside house will be able to assemble gas service pipe by himself.




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