Transport outrage: your trash is delivered

Transport outrage: your trash is delivered
(pic. 11.1 – Transport outrage: your
trash is delivered)
«Delovie Linii» transport company


(pic. 11.2 – «Delovie Linii» transport company)

What is important is that we’ve delivered. The rest is your problems. Take your trash from our warehouse! …

Such unashamed and slapdash position is quite common for majority of transport companies. The injured party spends time for investigations and learns from the mistakes.
Yet again.
Novosibirsk became a witness of the next transport outrage occurred in August 2012.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Allow us to introduce you informing play named «Have arrived!».

A scene of the final act: warehouse of «Delovie Linii» transport company. Brocken vertical gas tank from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А» as a star.

Rewinding. Curtain up. The beginning of the news play:
Made a retail order for Italian gas tank from «Antonio Merloni» with the volume of 5 000L, the private client asked GC «Terricom» to organize a delivery of the equipment to Novosibirsk.

The choice was given to «Delovie Linii» transport company who offered reasonable prices. After the client paid the invoice issued for the equipment and transportation a manipulator from GC «Terricom» delivered the gas tank to the warehouse of «Delovie Linii» company situated in Moscow.

The employees of the transport company did not care about the specificity of the cargo: wooden gird was not made; the cistern was placed in the vehicle «criminally» sidewise (horizontally), without any fixation. In all appearance, all the way to Novosibirsk the cistern dangled from one truck side to another, like a trash, whose security did not have any sense.

A «sledge-hammer» of faraway road (3 300 km) worked at the gas tank without any sorrow: it damaged the wires of anode-cathodic protection, turned “Marsupio” protective bag into the tear and disturbed fittings.

In Novosibirsk the cistern was welcomed much more «friendly» and «responsible». It was unloaded by usual fork-type loader, just hooked the cistern from the side. As a result gas tank slid off from the forks, fell down and rolled on the sloping floor of «elovie Linii» warehouse.

«Slalom downhill» of the gas tank was stopped by the stroke against the column. The final scene: broken charging valve, bent secure valve and flattened liquid fraction valve. There was indifferent tranquility of the transport company which worried only about the payment for the storage of the broken gas tank on their warehouse, and the activity was guided only by the desire to make away warehouse area from damaged goods as soon as possible.

Disapproving groan of the audience. Curtain. Will we see at the next demonstrating staging? Will we hear another echo of incompetence of «transport outlaws»?



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