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Electrofusion welding is mostly used to connect or repair polyethylene pipes. The main advantage of this type of welding is high quality and fastness of mounting works.

Edge joint is mostly used to connect the pipes of equal diameters; in case when it’s necessary to mount outlets or weld in wells it’s better to connect polyethylene using electrofusion fittings. Electofusion welding is also used during repair works because it’s fast and reliable.

This way of connecting works is very fast and doesn’t require too much space.  The principle of electrofusion welding is the following: metal helice heats embedded detail and polyethylene melts on connecting surfaces.

Welding machine (made by FusionProvida, Great Britain) used to realize electrofusion welding of polyethylene pipes can differ by manufacturer, quality and by automation degree. After everything is prepared for the works, scanner reads the bar-code on the fitting where the information about the manufacturer, voltage, welding time is placed; then welding process is realized considering this data. During welding works the welding machine realizes complete control of the process; in case of emergency situations you’ll be informed by the information on the screen.

Everything is realized automatically; electrofusion welding finishes as soon as melted polyethylene passes through inspection holes on the fitting. Cooling of welded details should be realized only naturally, they should stay immovable.




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