Services (part 2) – Financial documents and maintenance

Pay for goods and services in any convenient way for you
(pic. 88.1 – Pay for goods and services
in any convenient way for you)

Which documents for gas tank will get the client after the order will be made?

Received invoice can be paid by any convenient way: by cash (in office of GC «Terrikom») or cashless (bank transfer, bank card, e-purse, from the account of IE).

Paying in the office the buyer gets immediately the following original documents:

  • Contract;
  • Estimate documentation;
  • Delivery and acceptance statement;
  • Consignment for the goods.

Corporate customers will additionally get original invoice and proforma-invoice. Original financial documents should obligatory have: logo of the Company, signatures and stamps.

Making the payment cashless, the client gets original documents together with delivered equipment for independent gas supply (gas tank). Note: shipping gas tanks from the warehouse by your own efforts (self-delivery) don’t forget to provide the driver with letter of attorney to get your goods.

Documents in electronic form
(pic. 88.2 – Documents in
electronic form)

Before the payment, if you wish, you can familiarize with the documents in soft form, without any problems and hidden pitfalls. The main idea of the contract is reference to the points of active legislation of RF.

For the improved readability each activity is provided with free of charge budget estimate: gas supply stage, heating, electricity supply, canalization. This division helps to avoid problems with total big amount where you can lose yourself. Separate estimates allow step-by-step payment, they give the possibility to easily puzzle out the sequence – clearly see the beginning and the end of the works in certain stage. In the estimates you can see separately goods and services what allows to mark off the costs for materials and works.

After mounting works are finished the client signs acceptance statement; beginning from this moment warranty obligations which are described in the contract and estimate documentation, come in force. But even after warranty period is finished, our clients always get support and maintenance. This is confirmed by customers’ feedback and our managers’ answers (both, positive and negative) on our website www.а which we never hide.

You can ask any question calling our office and giving contract number or your full name. Manager will become an intermediary agent between a client and problem solution in gas tank maintenance. Only one person – your personal manager – will solve any question, save you free from “running along departments”.

High quality equipment Antonio Merloni
(pic. 88.3 – High quality equipment
Antonio Merloni)

It is convenient to have on your personal account, which each client has in the program, some money which will be used to pay charging, diagnostics, emergency maintenance, spare parts order and other services.

Equipment from «Antonio Merloni» should operate in regular operation mode! Its benefit is high quality which will minimize calls to professionals. The quality which works for you. It embraces your house by homely comfort. The quality which works for us. It brings us satisfaction from done work. A real sense of the job is hidden in the responsibility. And we rest on this experience supplying, mounting and maintaining equipment.

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