Gas tanks in great demand: helping heat

Anomalous heat
(pic. 13.1 – Anomalous heat)

Anomalous heat in the Central part of Russia strengthens its airless embracement.

The forecast of Hydrometeorological Centre promises to European part of Russia, which covers the areas of upstream of Volga, Dnepr and Don, stronger warming up of the «air sauna». In the districts of Southern region it is expected 34 ºС, an average daily temperature will exceed climatological normals for 7 ºС minimum.

Impudent May heat not only zapped up the demand for ice cream, water, blowers and air conditioners but also increased the turnover of the sales of vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А». It is explained by the possibility to reach previously sunk lowland objects – the water steps back from flooded territories of Central Russia.

Before the weather will demonstrate its capricious temper with hysterics of the rains, which will complicate the delivery of the cisterns and organization of the independent gasification system on the objects, do not lose the time and make your dream about independent gas come true.

Hot weather will stay at home of the Central part of Russia also after the weekend. Expected cooling will not be longstanding and the following May decade has all the chances to stay anomalous for current month and region.

Meantime the hit is trying to beat next temperature record – the time to act has come. It’s time to buy independent gas tank from «Antonio Merloni».



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