Gas supply

Gas supply is a delivery and distribution of combustion gases to the citizens, agricultural industry and to industrial objects..

Liquefied petroleum gases: LPG, GPL
(pic. 80.1 – Liquefied petroleum
gases: LPG, GPL)
The main gas consumers
(pic. 80.2 – The main gas consumers)

The main type of gas is natural gas. Associated gases are gases which are extracted during oil exploitation. In the result of thermal refining of liquid and solid fuel and underground coal gasifying there are received synthetic gases.
Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG – liquefied petroleum gas; GPL – Gaz Petroleum Liquide; LPG – Liquid Petroleum gas) are characterized by high heating value and small volume.

Gas supply to the buildings is realized by the systems of gas pipelines which supply gas to final consumers from gas distribution net. Gas supply allows to use the following appliance: hot water boilers, stoves, boiling tanks, ovens and so on. Gas-flow rate of the consumer is recorded by gas meter.

Applying independent gas supply in private house, summer house or cottage multi-purpose gas can be used for hot water supply, heating, cooking, electricity supply, and for operating of all possible appliances and systems. Gas equipment for countryside house, besides traditional which allows to heat water and cook, is quite various: out-door barbecue and radiant heater, saunas and fireplaces, and also design lighting.

Independent gas supply can be organized fast and easily using solutions from Italian company «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» («Антонио Мерлони») – on base on underground vertical gas tanks.

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