Gasification of the objects

Gasification of industrial objects, which are the main consumers of gas power, is complicated multistage project that requires the highest competence to realize it. No less responsible point is a question concerning gasification of residential places (cottage villages).

Gasification of objects
(pic. 79.1 – Gasification of objects)

Gasification of objects includes the following main steps:

  • obtaining of TS (technical specification) to realize gas supply of industrial objects or cottage villages;
  • development of project documents for sites, such as external gas pipeline, gas regulating points, fuel-burning equipment and boilers with gas equipment, inside gas pipelines for production equipment and other equipment for industrial objects;
  • approval and arrangement of gas supply project for residential places or industrial objects;
  • industrial inspection and project registration;
  • reporting according to performance-adjustment works for gas boilers and engineering gas pipelines.

Approval of gasification project is the most important stage. Gas supply will not be realized without this approval. All the works to gasify residential places or industrial objects should be made by highly experienced engineers. Professionals should have appropriate certificates to develop project documentation and to realize construction and mounting works which include:

Gasification of small towns
(pic. 79.2 – Gasification of small towns)


  • ground works;
  • installation and insert of gas pipeline;
  • connecting of gas consumers;
  • test of gas pipelines and pipeline pass

Gasification of cottage villages and industrial objects is non-standard task; here it is not possible to base on ready-made solutions. Sometimes it is difficult to joint and realize the requirements of all the bodies which are responsible for the acceptance. Very often it is necessary to make prompt decision making and coordinating modifications in already available project documentation.

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