Where is it possible to buy secondhand «Antonio Merloni» gas tanks?

Secondhand gas tanks
(pic. 104.1 – Secondhand gas tanks)

Nowhere. Already used gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» are never sold.

Situations of refund or sales of secondhand «Antonio Merloni» gas tanks were never registered. Italian cisterns serve independent gasification more than 50 years – such long life time period is typical only for these gas tanks.

Paying your attention to «second hand» gas tanks from other manufacturers remember that it’s a mistake to save on your personal comfort. Independent gas supply must correspond to security norms. Questionable quality of equipment for gasification system – are you ready to take such risk?

Old gas tanks from other companies are the cisterns to store liquefied gas which have restored resalable condition. Often restoration includes only cleaning operations of damaged areas and installation of protective coat.

Secondhand gas tanks, it’s  time bomb
(pic. 104.2 – Secondhand gas tanks,
it’s time bomb)

Kind of usual decoration, even worth – time bomb. Wall loss, decorated damages and corrosion carry potential danger for gas tank operated under pressure. And how long will such secondhand cisterns operate?

Everything is compensated by low price which will catch you up by new expenses in the future. Outrageous economy.

Think about it.

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