Question «to the audience»: ideas about delivery of gas tanks

Fresh ideas
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Dear guests of our website: ancient and new friends!

YOU HAVE OPENED ARTICLE IN FRONT OF YOU: ARTICLE-QUESTION, ARTICLE-FORUM. Here we’ll ask all the visitors of our website – You, personally! – help in the question of delivery of «Antonio Merloni» gas tanks to long distances. We need new ideas and fresh thoughts; we need your experience and observations. We’ll be appreciated for each your advice, for your attendance.

We need the help «of the audience»!
Coming back to the subject concerning delivery of equipment in 40 feet cargo containers, we would like to discuss situation around transportation of gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» with big volume (2250 liters and 5000 liters) to long distances – more than 3 000 kilometers.

Container shipping is efficient and not expensive solution to deliver gas tanks of small volume (1650L, 1000L) to gasified object. But what’s to be done with cisterns of big volumes, which cannot be fixed in container vertically to provide security for equipment?

We need your help!
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Maybe it’s reasonable to pack gas tanks in one-use rubber pad (elastic rubber materials which are able to damp down vibrations and shock) and place it in 40 feet container horizontally? What should we do to make 2250-liter and 5000-liter cisterns live out after «long way»?

Which materials to use?

Foam in rolls? Plastic packs? Soft pads, packed in rolls? Which way to use to provide reliable package for gas tank and be sure that unpacked on the object a cistern will be completely functional and not damaged?

We need your ideas because transportation in cargo containers for long distances (to the cities of Far East of RF) is economically advantageous for client! And container can horizontally hold a gas tank of any volume, the question is just: how to pack?

Please, leave your ideas and thoughts in discussion of this article – ADD COMMENTS. Ask your friends! Get into the situation! Each opinion is important for us to make independent gasification closer and approachable.
Thank you in advance!

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