The main gas pipeline: the terms of connection

Awaiting for the main gas pipeline
(pic. 56.1 – Awaiting for the main gas pipeline)
Authorization documents collecting
(pic. 56.2 – Authorization documents collecting)

Are you trying to the possibility to connect to the main gas pipeline: what are the dates of connection?

Be patient!
Many procedures which will be on your way to the connection of a private house to the main gas pipeline «eat away» to two weeks. Documentation collecting steps and visits to the permitting bodies take plenty of time.

Potential main gas pipeline becomes a real robber: the hours are losing, the days are disappearing, and the months are vaporizing. Sometimes connection to the «blue gas» takes more than a year beginning from the moment of submission. The problems on your way to the main gas pipeline are various: they are the government bodies and commissions, your neighbors, and insufficient main pipeline pressure… …

So, here you will need some moderation. Or «a minor form of despair» as Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce, an American writer sais. This is one of the alternatives.

Another one is your aspiration to the independence where you can choose a system of independent gasification for your house on base of Italian gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni». This is your solution, very reliable and high quality alternative.

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