The main gas pipeline for a private house: the connection cost.

Price calculation
(pic. 55.1 – Price calculation)
The tendency of the price increase for the main gas supply
(pic. 55.2 – The tendency of the
price increase for
the main gas supply)

Are you thinking of the main gas pipeline? What would be the cost for connecting?

The cost for the connection to the main gas pipeline depends on plenty of factors. Technical specifications required for gas connecting, topography of the lot, chosen equipments whose capacity depends on the area of the heated rooms… all these moments play important role. The price also varies from the gas pipelaying type, from the distance from the main gas pipeline, from the boiler type and from the type of connection.

So, what would be the total cost of the connection to the main gas pipeline?

To obtain technical specifications for gas will cost you about 200 000 rubles, constructing and mounting works in the house with 250 m2 area will cost you about 150 000 rubles.

Moreover, you should also consider a tendency of inevitable price increase for the main gas itself, which is significantly undercharged today. Unavoidable reorganization of the industry sector, predicted by analysts, will bring to the raise of the price for the natural gas, i.e. to aligning them to the European price level.

Comparing these figures and thinking of the forecasts, the idea with liquefied petroleum gas whose price almost will not change (the price for propane-butane is connected to the cost of the barrel of oil which is balanced and predictable) is very long-ranged. Also the independent gas supply systems are the best alternative to the main gas supply.

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