Fire-extinguisher bottles cannot be too many: to manage in 40 seconds

To manage in 40 seconds
(pic. 117.1 – To manage in 40 seconds)

Fire risk is very much increased if you have curtains on windows (the most fire dangerous detail of interior) –slightest inflammation provokes big volume of infrared emission; everything is warmed up all around and inflames. When synthetic material burns toxic agents are separated what causes loss of consciousness.

Fire-extinguisher for house is the only one appliance which is able to give chance to prevent high-temperature disaster and to fight down the fire source. You will only need to make a long arm and press a lever, but only in case you have fire-extinguisher at hand in each room. In all other cases it will not be possible to stop fire; there you’ll just have to leave fire building - what will be a good luck.

Water, sand – they are useless. They are not efficient and require time which you don’t have. 40 seconds. You remember? Only fire- extinguisher or a man himself can prevent accidence. Carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher bought for small money will give an owner of private house guaranteed possibility to save his house from the fire. And that’s doesn’t matter which reasons they are – gas or something else.

Carbon dioxide type fire extinguishers
Carbon dioxide type fire extinguishers

To tell the truth, seldom or never gas becomes a reason of the fire (and only in case of inappropriate mounting).

GC «Terrikom» recommends installing carbon dioxide type fire extinguishers in all rooms. Together with other equipment we will supply CO2 fire extinguishers and will install them in easily-accessible and visible places; so, you will get the chance to protect your homey residence from the fire.

It’s better never to need fire- extinguishers instead of not to have them at hand when the fire starts.

Advice before to say goodbye: – also use aluminum French blinds which many time increase fire safety of the house

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