LET’S COMPARE! Independent gas or electricity: arguments for efficiency

Gas is the most efficient and cheap energy source. Of course, «upstage on medal stand» is taken by natural gas but to connect it you’ll need to spend time and money. In this article, which follows after series film «Let’s compare!», we’ll speak about liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compare it with electric power. We’ll give and explain our arguments.

Efficiency – very often people forget about it. How many kilowatts of thermal do we get for exact amount of money? How much time do we spend for that?

(pic. 118.1 – Electricity)
Independent gas or electricity: disputes for efficiency
(pic. 118.2 – Independent gas or electricity:
disputes for efficiency)

Electricity. First of all electric power is the most expensive energy source. Then, it loses in time to cook. Lighted up fire immediately gives high temperature, as quick as possible heating up teapot, pot or frying-pan. As for electricity, it needs time to «think»: first, electric heating bundles are worming up, then the wall of hot plate and only then efficient heat transmission occurs. Ceramic hot plates and other express-plates spend no less time for warming up but consume more electric power.

Energy source efficiency is stated in getting 1kW of thermal power for minimum price spending minimum time. The fastest possible heating up for the smallest money is possible only for gas. Electricity is “slower” and almost twice more expensive.

To be substantive let’s confined in up-to-date figures.
The cost of 1 kWh of electricity: 4,9 rubles.
The cost of 1L of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG): 18 rubles.
The cost of 1 kWh received from 1L of fuel (considering LPG thermal capacity): 2,46 rubles.

The difference is evident but let’s show it in percents. Let’s find how many percent the price for electric power is higher than the price for LPG (as energy carrier, for 1 kWh).
Compose proportion:
2.56 – 100%
4.90 – х%

i.e. 191% in the price for electric power from the price for LPG (as energy carrier).
i.e., the price for electricity is 91% higher than the price for LPG (as energy carrier).

It’s true that there are still a lot of people who «use the needle of electricity» assuring that «everything is all right». Let’s call it like it is. Such things are declared by people who steal electric power by some means or other. After all we live in Russia and if we are speaking about honest electricity consumption it will be 91% more expensive than liquefied petroleum gas (see mentioned above calculations).

We should live honestly but not for the expense of others. Cost effectiveness and efficiency should be searched in gas consumption reducing dependence from electric power to a minimum.

Don’t forget that service life of any electric appliance is 7-10 years, and then it gets out of order. Reparation of broken electric appliance is either not possible (impossible to find spare parts) or will cost you almost 70% from the total cost of new appliance. In the most cases an appliance which is out of order will be thrown out and people will buy a new one. These expenses are inexcusable especially for country side areas. Now let’s remember that service life of appliance operated on gas (systems of hot water supply, heating, fireplace, stove and so on): 30-50 years.

Efficiency – remember about it.

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