LET’S COMPARE? Why «Antonio Merlon» gas tanks are more expensive than cisterns from other producers?

Why is it more expensive?
(pic. 83.1 – Why is it more expensive?)
Cost of a gas tank and its components
DescriptionCost (2014) in rubles
Underground vertical gas tank (full optional), 2250L+243 000
Anode-cathode protection-55 000
«Marsupio» bag-12 000
Two reductions-17 000
Concrete pad-9 000
«Naked» gas tank+150 000
«Undressing» gas tank
(pic. 83.2 – «Undressing» gas tank)

There is an opinion exists that equipment from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» company costs too expensive. Is it true? Let’s view this situation closer in terms of figures and specifications.

Indeed, an answer to this question is exactly in the configuration of Italian equipment for gas storage. Come closer, watch more attentively and compare. What is included in the configuration of «Antonio Merloni» gas tanks and what is missing in cisterns from other companies?

  • Three-component anode-cathode (electrochemical) protection, which guards gas tank from the impact of underground currents
  • Unique «Marsupio» bag which protects cistern from mechanical damages during ground movements and which also uses deep heat potential of the earth and facilitates mounting.
  • Double reduction which guarantees stable pressure until complete emptying of the cistern independently from the quantity of gas in the cistern.
  • Concrete-alkaline base which isn’t afraid of underground electric currents, acid-base environment and loads.

And now let’s tabulate viewed components which are missing in gas tanks from competitor companies and deduct their approximate cost from the cost of vertical underground gas tank from «Antonio Merloni» with capacity of 2250 liters. We will «undress» gas tank:

Deducting all options – «undressed» gas tank from «Antonio Merloni» – we got the cost of «naked» gas tank. Be reminded that this is vertical gas tank which is durable thanks to the steel thickness which keeps working capacity (continuing evaporating gas) at outdoor temperature till -40°С.

Let’s close the eyes to the fact that gas tanks from other companies lose in quality. We’ll make this allowance. Here the price of «undressed» cistern from «Antonio Merloni» with capacity of 2250 liters. Suitable price to be compared. You will find the price for gas tanks (with similar capacity) from other companies by yourselves without any difficulty.

Feel the difference, as the expression goes.
Even being «naked» Italian gas tank will be better and chipper than products from competitors.

Neither «Antonio Merloni» company no its Russian representatives in the name of «Terrikom» Company will never in the life take such significant steps – to «undress» gas tank what is reasonable only in terms of reduction of the price for the equipment.

We are for maximum quality! That is why we always sell independent gas tanks with maximum options.

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