LET’S COMPARE? One 5000L gas tank or two 2250L gas tanks?


What gas tanks to buy?
(pic. 84.1 – What gas tanks to buy?)

Let’s continue our expert column «Let’s compare?» and try to answer the following question:

What is better, one gas tank with capacity of 5000L or two 2250-liter cisterns (cascade connection, the total volume is 4500 liters)?

Both variants can be used to realize independent gas supply for countryside house with area of more than 500 м2. Comparing them you can make the following conclusions noting advantageous moments when you buy two gas tanks with capacity of 2250 liters each:

  • Cascade connection of the cisterns i.e. double reliability which is expressed by reservation (one cistern operates, another one is on standby).
  • Variations (compactness) in placement of gas tanks: if there is no space to install one big gas tank for 5000 liters – a variant with two medium gas tanks of 2250 liters (two pits) will help you.
  • The possibility to realize independent gasification step by step: if you don’t have money today to buy a big cistern you can buy one medium and later add another one.
Type of gas tankVertical underground gas tank, 5000LVertical underground gas tank, 2250 л
Dimensions of gas tank, mmH 3075 х Ø 1700H 2721 х Ø 1200
Thickness of concrete-alkaline pad, mm200150
Dimensions of pit, mmØ 2500 х D 2950Ø 2000 х D 2550
Operating temperature, °С-40 +50-40 +50
Anode-cathode protection1 anode + 2 cathodes1 anode + 2 cathodes
Gas tank wall thickness, mm106,1
Gas evaporating, kg/g (using during 2 hours)4011
Great price
(pic. 84.2 – Great price)

And now let’s compare price category: 9 000 – 9 800 = – 800 €,
where 9 000 € – is a price for underground vertical gas tank, 5000L;
9 800 € – price for 2 underground vertical gas tanks, the total volume 4500L.

The difference between compared positions is only 800 €. It’s insignificant, considering double reliability, isn’t it? Overpaid these 800 Euro buying two 2250-liter cisterns you will get some useful advantages.
The choice always does exist.
You get to choose.

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