Free sales agents

Activity in search of new clients
(pic. 3.1 – Activity in search
of new clients)
To leave an order by phone
(рис. 3.2 – To leave an
order by phone)

Specific features of the work: 

  • To find a new client and forward an order to professionals of GC «Terrikom» (including all required data and parameters)
  • Computer application is not required
  • Complete freedom in search of potential clients
  • You get your percent from the profit after the deal is closed (when the system of independent gasification is mounted and started-up)
  • The size of your wage depends on your activity (quantity of the orders)

Obligatory conditions:

  • Go-aheadedness and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Promotion of equipment from Italian factory «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.A.»
  • To acquire and increase your knowledge in the field of independent gasification
  • To follow the interests of the Company

Our free sales agents get the following:

  • «floating» percent (15-25%) from deal profit which is determined considering the quantity and dates of realization for previous orders
  • informational support

Group of Companies «Terrikom» is interested in collaboration and makes a proposal that’s hard to resist.

To forward an order or get additional
information call us: +7 (495) 108-7944
Connect us by Skype: Terrikom

You can get detailed information about the work of sales agent (free) following the link.



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