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On-site consultation of field-oriented professionals to identify the most appropriate type of equipment considering specific features of the customer’s objects, its technical and exploitation specification.

Short-term economy on the consultation of professionals and independent choice of the equipment by the customer in the most cases in the future might come to unreasonable expenses:

·        First of all, if you are not professional, it’s quite difficult to identify precisely the main technical characteristics and additional functions 100% necessary and used on exact object; this might cause the cost increase of the equipment and its exploitation.

·        Another thing is that independent choice of such complicated equipment supplied by GC “Terrikom” without considering professional specifics and exploitation features might directly influence over reducing of energy security of the object, to shorten operating life of purchased equipment and its early break down. That will also essentially increase expenses in long-time future.

On-site consultation of professionals from GC “Terrikom” will help you on the stage of engineering: independent gasification system, canalization, heating and ventilation; it will help to avoid these mistakes. We’ll make complete examination of the customer’s object and will help to solve some the most important points connected with professional choice of the most appropriate model considering the customer’s requirements and exploitation conditions on the object. Professionals from GC “Terrikom” will identify required volume of work including installation of the principal and additional equipment.

Besides that our professionals will help you to choose any additional required equipment and systems, they will advise the most appropriate place for installation and they will realize any other required work to provide complete energy independence of your object and completely exclude any unreasonable expenses.




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