High level of ground waters on the lot: will a gas tank operate stable?

Ground waters are not a embarrassment for independent gasification
(pic. 101.1 – Ground waters are not a
embarrassment for independent gasification)
High ground waters
(pic. 101.2 – High ground waters)

Ground waters will not become an embarrassment for independent gasification in a private house. Gas tank will operate stable. Moreover, wet ground on the lot – it’s a good thing! Water is a heat carrier and as it’s well known gas evaporating (gas tank efficiency) depends on the temperature. The higher temperature, the more efficient gas evaporating.

Dry ground simplifies installation of a cistern (it’s easier to make a pit) but such environment has less warmth than wet one. In winter frosts, in case of ground waters, gas tank demonstrates better efficiency than in case of dry ground. This is explained by the fact that the temperature of water is always +2…3 °С. That is why evaporating parameters of flowed around gas tanks are increased.

If we are speaking about reliability of the installation and about cistern operation in high ground waters there is nothing to worry about.

«Antonio Merloni» gas tanks are already prepared to be mounted in any environment: dry or wet. Manufacturer already provided it with special anchor which helps gas tank to grab the sand. To anchor. Beside that cistern fixates «sand lock».

Among the projects realized by Group of Companies «Terrikom» there is a mounting of gas tanks on islands, nearby Moscow River, Volga. There are no any problems there. Gasified objects operate stable.

You should worry not about ground waters but rather opposite – rocky environment where the movements of gravel layer are possible. First of all, stones complicate installation of gas tank – there is no space to dig the spade. The second, in time the «coverlet» of big stones and gravel will start to load gas pipeline.

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