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Organization is a package of goods and services which allows to realize in full this position (installation of additional gas pipeline made of HDP).

Organization of additional HDP pipeline is required in case of significant (more than standard 20 meters) remoteness of a gas tank from countryside house due to fire security norms and technical specification for gasified object.

Standard mounting of gas tank includes the cost of only 20 meters of polyethylene gas pipeline where:

- 9 meters is to place a pipe under the ground, pass by and connection of a gas tank;

- 11 meters to lay gas pipeline to the house (to gas service pipe).

If remoteness from the house is more than 11 meters, the client should additionally order a gas pipeline of required length. Organization (= works + materials) of additional gas pipeline is a cost of HDP pipe itself, yellow warning tape and also a cost of gas pipeline and warning tape  installation.




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