Security: Install and forget

Security of outside gas supply facility
(pic. 129.1 – Security of outside
gas supply facility)

Any gas cisterns (that doesn’t matter if it is gas cylinder or gas tank) should be installed outside, in this case they are safe. Being outside of country side house gas is not dangerous: even in case of leakage explosion will never occur.

This technical solution – mounting of gas tank in the pit – has only advantages:

1) We’ll repeat: outside gas supply facility is completely safe. Gas tank is installed outside (under the ground, in sand lock) and equipped with electromagnetic security valve. Pressure where gas tanks is permanently is situated, excludes any fire source penetration inside. In case of fire gas tank heats up and blows off in the atmosphere liquefied fraction.

2) Wall thickness and quality of steel: gas cisterns are made on special high-technological equipment in Italy. Low alloy sheet steel has 7-10 mm thickness; upper and lower bowls of gas tanks are pressed out from one-piece details. Impressive weight of «Antonio Merloni» gas tank speaks a lot!

3) Three layers of epoxy corrosion resistant coating «Carboline»: body of the cistern is safety protected under the ground from chemical and physical ground impacts. Internal coating also stands against corrosion.

4) Patented protective bag «Marsupio»: unique polymer protection from underground mechanical damages; also uses ground deep thermal potential to warm up LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).
5) Anode-cathode protection: gas tank doesn’t afraid of impacts of underground currents. Three-component protection is connected to «Marsupio» bag and always active.

6) Big service life: about 50 years.

7) Today this is the cheapest solution

8) Fast and simple in mounting

Without any disadvantage! Independent gasification is really safe. Install and forget.

We wish you safe everyday life and leisure

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