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Start-up and adjustment work is final and very important step; this is a guarantee of correct operation of any mounted equipment including independent gas supply systems. The first equipment start-up mounted on the object. This is not only switching-on but a set of launching operations, inspection of joints’ and connections’ working efficiency.
Start-up.  A system of independent gasification is started-up with full power (full power usage mode) and adjusted according to required parameters in flow rate and pressure. There are detected mounting gaps, contradictions with project and there is checked functional ready state of installed equipment. The main goal is flawless operation during long operating period.
Adjustment of equipment should be also realized after repair as the final step after equipment diagnostics (detection of errors and defects), spare parts buying, dismounting of old and installation of new spare parts. An order of these operations might solve any problem in equipment efficiency recovery.
Sometimes a problem can be solved by phone call (“oral diagnostics”) during conversation with professional from our Company, what allows a client to save money and shorten the time for failure repair. In case if it’s not possible to avoid on-site visit of highly experienced professionals it’s better not to postpone.

GC “Terrikom” guarantees dates observance and high quality of start-up and adjustment works. All the works are realized using modern devises and instruments.







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