Gasification in remote areas.

Gasification in remote areas
(pic. 48.1 – Gasification in remote areas)

Gasification in remote areas.

The problem of absence of the main gas pipelines is valid even in Russia, in the country with its own reach natural gas resource. Objects situated in the remote regions don’t have the possibility to use «blue-sky.» fuel. Expenses to lay the branch of a gas pipeline will never been paid back and the charges will be unreasonable.

Necessity of gasification in remote regions requires the answers to topical questions. How fast the gas main pipeline will reach far away corners of the country? Does it make any sense to rely on the government program of gasification for complicated areas?

Remoteness of the potential consumers, who live in Eastern Siberia, Far East and Far North regions, from the gas supply sources requires new approaches to energy supply.

As an ideal answer it is possible to consider an installation of independent gas tank from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» – it is super-reliable, long-lasting and convenient solution. Independent gasification by liquefied gas is the most accessible and safe alternative to the main pipeline natural gas.

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