Organization of additional “Lux” gas service pipe



1'(25,4), L-20 m

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Organization is a package of goods and services which allows to realize in full this position (connection of additional “Lux” gas service pipe).

Organization of additional “Lux” gas service pipe doesn’t consider connection to underground cistern. I.e. this is second (and following) gas inlet for the object of gasification, usually to organize gas supply for household buildings.

Organization (=work + materials) of additional “Lux” service pipe include the following:

- installation of “Lux” gas service pipe to the house;

- connection to already existing pipeline “gas tank-house”;

- consumable materials (“Lux” gas service pipe, 20 meters of gas pipeline made of HDP, yellow warning tape “ATTENTION! GAS!”).

Warranty – 1 year.




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