The main gas pipeline to the village N: the negative experience

The main gas pipeline or a gas tank?
(pic. 57.1 – The main gas pipeline
or a gas tank?)

It happened in Russia. Not for a long time ago. This is a history about real people and «unreal» main gas pipeline.

One day country people from one of the Moscow area village N were offered gasification, i.e. to lay the main gas pipeline. That was quite attractive offer in spite of 600 000 rubles required from each lot – they were explained that for the pioneers it was affordably, almost free of charge; the others would need to pay three times more.

The required amount was collected from all who wished and the construction started. Six month took for project documentation designing; the planned expenses were observed. The difficulties appeared on the arrangements step. The main gas pipeline situated next to the village N could not «accept» planned quality of the houses. It was explained that there was necessary to lay a new pipe and it was the hell of a mess from where. The limits were reviewed after 100 000 rubles additional payment from each lot. The eyes were closed.

The gas pipeline was drawn in the dug-out trenches and connected to the houses. During the work acceptance stage the works stopped again. There was required an arrangement because the gas pipeline slipped under the auto road. There were some remarks about the project: all gas net should have been dug out and rebuilt. Moreover there was necessary to replace village transformer and cabling. The settlement of all these problems required 600 000 ruble more from each lot.

That was a real robbery. Racket. But to refuse meant to lose money that was given earlier. And also to stay without gas.

In spite of already installed pipe system destined for the heat carrier circulation, it was anyway spent more 150 000 rubles more to install heating equipment.

The date to connect and mount a counter arrived. But there was required to get a conclusion from a fire inspector – expenses again. The counter was installed only in one month. Quite fast.

The total amount spent for the gasification from the main gas pipeline was more than 1 400 000 rubles from each family. The money is money; you will never get it back but now no need to be afraid of the winter. Everybody got used to the idea.

But the cold winter came and the people from the village N started buying diesel fuel. What happened? The problem was that during strong frosts the gas pressure fell down, and the burner refused to operate. Additional loadings to the overloaded main pipeline caught up.

Moscow area village N
(pic. 57.2 – Moscow area village N)

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