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Technical support
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English word «Service» means «attendance», «maintenance», «work». Miniseries of articles «Service» is appealed to explain a client the procedure in case of warranty event, to advise the steps of aftersales service and repair.

Technical support is available to our clients 24 hours. Seven days per week. Competent engineer on duty will answer your call any time doesn’t matter which one of the wide ranged time zones of Russia it is. All clients will get free consultation: they will get answers to their questions, they will know about important details of the equipment. Here you just need to:

Step 1: Contact our engineer on duty by phone or by Skype. In case engineer on duty answers you being in the field, network call will be redirected to his phone.
Step 2: Ask a question and get an answer.

«Oral diagnostics» might solve a problem remotely saving client’s money and time for fault repair. In case the visit of qualified professional is required anyway - engineer on duty will advise you the next steps.

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