Service: small damages of protective coat

Fire alarm system
(pic. 91.1 – Fire alarm system)
Protective coat «Carboline»
(pic. 91.2 – Protective coat

English word Service means «attendance», «maintenance», «work». Miniseries of articles «Service» is appealed to explain a client the procedure in case of warranty event, to advise the steps of aftersales service and repair.

Delivery to another city by the services of transport company is always risky. What should we do if protective coat of bought gas tank was little bit damaged? How to remove a scratch on the cistern?

Step 1: Order a portion of protective coat «Carboline» («Antonio Merloni» gas tanks are protected by 3 layers of epoxy corrosion resistant coating) in the office of Group of Companies «Terrikom».

Step 2: Get the parcel by post.

Step 3: Scrape bright by special brush and then deoil damaged area of the cistern.

Step 4: Repair small damage of epoxy coat with help of protective composition made according to patented technology which guarantees protection of steel gas tank under the ground.

Step 5: Forget about miserable problem and start organizing independent gasification for the house.

Coat from worldwide renowned company “Carboline” today is the most reliable and efficient protection of metal from chemicophysical impact.

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