Service: start-up and adjustment work

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Start-up/adjustment works and launching
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works and launching)

English word «Service» means «attendance», «maintenance», «work». Miniseries of articles «Service» is appealed to explain a client the procedure in case of warranty event, to advise the steps of aftersales service and repair.

The main goal of start-up and adjustment works is to activate a system and to guarantee flawless operation during long period of time. All the centers and connections are inspected for the operation capability.

A package of measures for start-up and adjustment works includes the following:

Step 1: Start-up of the system with the full power (usage mode), adjustment according to required pressure and consumption.

Step 2: Detection of installation defects and contradictions with the project. Inspection of functional ready state of mounted equipment.

Step 3: If required – mounting faults repair and additional inspection.

Start-up and adjustment works should be made not only during the first start-up of the system but also after equipment repair. Group of Companies «Terrikom» guarantees the quality and on-time start-up and adjustment works which are realized using modern tools and devises.

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