Service: pressure testing operations

Package of measures for pressure test
(pic. 96.1 – Package of measures
for pressure test)
Service.  Pressure testing operations
(pic. 96.2 – Service. Pressure
testing operations)

English word «Service» means «attendance», «maintenance», «work». Miniseries of articles «Service» is appealed to explain a client the procedure in case of warranty event, to advise the steps of aftersales service and repair.

The goal of pressure testing operations is to verify hermeticity (integrity) of the pipelines. Pressure test before start up of gas or liquid system helps to detect defects and damages of connections, pipes, centers.

A package of measures for system pressure test includes the following:

Step 1: System loading by excess pressure.

Step 2: Inspection of all connection elements, fasteners, taps.

Step 3: Time pressure testing. The leakage is detected with high-sensitive digital pressure gage (0,01-digit precision) which helps to estimate pressure stability during the procedure of pressure test of the system.

Step 4: In case of leak detection – hermiticity recovery of the pipeline and additional inspection.

Duration of pressure testing operations depends on the length of the pipelines. After pressure test you can estimate an accuracy of system mounting. To realize such kind of works professionals from Group of Companies «Terrikom» apply modern equipment and technologies which reduce time of pressure test and increase the quality of inspection.

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