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Independent gasification of private objects in 1 day is a reality. But the mounting of gas supply systems is usually not quit clear for most owners of country houses and cottages. “Antonio Merloni” presents gas tanks, carries out preparation works, realizes mounting of gas cisterns and gas pipeline installation to the socle, provides maintenance and charge...
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Who does not dream about nice and comfortable country house? Does something block the way to this dream? Absence of the main pipeline gas? It’s not a problem! This disadvantage is solved fast and not expensive – using independent gasification in base of underground gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni»...
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Independent gas supply to the house is an ideal solution for modern country residential object. Look and listen what people say about independent gasification on base of Antonio Merloni gas tanks...
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Mounting of independent gas supply system for a countryside house includes ground works to install vertical gas tank, gas pipeline installation, connecting and test of appliances. This video pays your attention to the details in mounting of a cistern to store liquefied gas...
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The market of equipment proposes 2 types of underground gas tanks: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal cisterns are used in regions where the temperature in winter never drops lower than -20ºС. To operate in harsh weather conditions there were created vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» which keep their working capacity at -40ºС. Let’s observe more carefully a necktube of one of two cascade connected gas tanks...
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Group of Companies «Terrikom» participated in Exhibition Aqua-Therm Moscow 2014 which was devoted to HVAC market. Stand stylized in countryside color advertized comfort of gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» that can be used to gasify private houses for 1 day...
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In one of the episode of «Mythbusters» program it is verified the faithfulness of the following myth: «Is portable cylinder with propane able to rocket in the air like a real rocket?» Mythbusters created a shed where they installed 10 liters gas cylinder. Burnt and started waiting...
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In this episode of “Mythbusters” the experts are testing to the limit the legend from movie about Born. Will gas leak together with magazine forgotten in the toaster blow up a room? Myths, rumours and cinematography provoke unconscious fear which scares people away from independent gasification. Secure gas use is put in doubt in spite of the fact that beginning from 1952 there have not been detected any accidents in the world connected with independent gasification...
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One-use lighter … what is this? Harmless flint or pocket danger in plastic box? “Mythbusters” were founding out: can one-use lighter explore? Conclution: danger of one-use lighters which present gas tanks in miniature is too exaggerated. The same as fears of independent gasification. Myths remain myths...


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