Gasification of cattle farms: heating for henhouses, cowsheds and piggeries

Heating for piggery
(pic. 50.1 – Heating for piggery)
Gasification of cattle farms
(pic. 50.2 – Gasification of cattle farms)

Gasification of cattle farms: heating for henhouses, cowsheds and piggeries.

Agricultural farming communities ask for the supply of “blue-sky” fuel to the production places. On the territories of the cattle farms you can find such kind of livestock houses as henhouses, cowsheds and piggeries.

Heating by electricity, by wood or by boiler oil will force you into bankruptcy very fast. Gas in the farms would give the possibility to reduce production cost: it is completely impossible to realize any production activity without hot water and heating of the accommodation units for the farmers.

How fast will the gas reach cattle farms? Will the producers of farm products be able to obtain «gas preferences»?

Independent gasification of cattle farms will cancel all awaitings and inconveniences. Independent gas supply system on base of vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» will allow to realize heating of piggeries, cowsheds and any other production place.

For costs reasons and profits it is reasonable to create unique for all the farm storage of liquefied petroleum gas. LPG storage will be used by each object; distributing gas pipeline nets will cover all the territory – they will gift heating and hot water. Independent gasification of the cattle farms will not require any tightened security.

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