Winter outside, summer at home

Anyone who is constructing his private house nurtures a hope that sooner or later building works will be finished up and it will be possible to enjoy the coziness and the comfort of countryside life. Without a backward glance to the weather outside.

Winter outside, summer at home
(pic. 121.1 – Winter outside, summer at home)
Coziness and comfort at home
(pic. 121.2 – Coziness and comfort at home)

To reach it, it is required that completely all engineering systems in the house could work precisely and wouldn’t ask for heightened attention or attention at all. They should failure-free operate both, during the frosts and when it’s hot. Everybody dreams about it. But in fact not on the stage of projecting but when the construction of the house and mounting of life-support systems are almost finished. It happens at the moment when «to correct» means «to demount and buy new one».

Engineering systems should be reliable and invisible. And only equipment which doesn’t use electricity can provide with guaranteed tranquility (minimum attention to it). Indeed, any electric appliance, this is equipment which has service life no more than 10 years. Very insignificant period, especially for house.

The best solution will be to organize systems independent from electricity: heating, hot water supply, cooking. As for gas systems operated without gas, they are characterized by accurate operating and reliability during long period of exploitation: about 50 years. («Semicentennial» service life doesn’t mean breakdown but more likely out-of-date).

Systems without electricity don’t require your attention. Just turn on and forget enjoying the comfort. Just watch the winter with its crisp snow from the window of your «personal summer».

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