What does efficiency of independent gasification system mean?

Efficiency of independent gas supply system (efficiency of gas tank) is a parameter which characterizes the quantity of evaporated gas which is able to appear passing from liquefied to gaseous state.

Gas evaporating till -40 °С
(pic. 3.1 – Gas evaporating till -40 °С)
(pic. 3.2 - Efficiency)

In closed cisterns which are under the pressure gas evaporating depends only on the temperature. THE HIGHER TEMPERATURE THE HIGHER EFFICIENCY. Gas evaporating in cisterns with big temperatures is more intensive what provides higher efficiency.

Temperature and pressure are intensive parameters of the agents. Correlation of parameters: when the temperature reduces, pressure also reduces. When temperature increases pressure also increases. In a certain moment boiling stops and restarts only after gas tank starts discharging.

Vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» are designed to provide high efficiency, they evaporate gas (keep working capacity) even at the temperature till -40ºС. Vertical cisterns from «Antonio Merloni» evaporate 2,2 times more than any horizontal gas tank.

Pay attention that unfair manufacturers announce that the efficiency of gas cisterns directly depends on their configuration – from the advantage of big liquid surface. But the surface of liquid gas in underground cistern does not have any influence on efficiency.

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