What are the requirements for positioning of independent gas supply systems?

Requirements to positioning of independent gas supply system
(pic. 5.1 – Requirements to positioning of
independent gas supply system)

A pit for a cistern to store liquefied petroleum gas is organized in the certain place next to gasified object – according to fire security norms PB 12-609-03 and according to technical specification.

The system of independent gasification should be placed on the distance of no less than 5 meters from living house, 2 meters from hard fence and 1 meter from septic.

Gas tank is placed in the pit on the depth of 2.1-3.0 meters (depending on the volume of the cistern). Gas pipeline laid on the territory of the lot is mounted lower than the depth of ground freezing (1.5-1.7 meters) in the trenches. The width of a trench is 0,6 meter.

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