Scope of gasification project

Gasification scope
(pic. 128.1 – Gasification scope)
Gasification project
(pic. 128.2 – Gasification project)

The project of independent gasification consists of the following aspects:

  1. General Design Note which includes basic data for projecting.
  2. Equipment calculation
  3. Design documentation (drawings)
    • general plan
    • technological plan
    • piping diagram for the equipment
    • equipment location plan
    • pipeline installation plan
    • gas service pipe
    • other
  4. Cost estimating documentation
  5. Construction organization plan
  6. Equipment specification
  7. Environment protection
  8. Fire security and operational safety
  9. Equipment data

You should remember that qualified realized project of independent gas supply will provide with efficient and uninterrupted operation of gas consumers.

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