Engineering of LPG gas supply

LPG gasification project
(pic. 126.1 – LPG gasification project)

Engineering of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gas supply is realized according to engineering norms and rules for gas supply by natural gas. The type of used gas considers the only one difference: natural gas can be transported by ground based gas pipeline but LPG – by only underground gas pipes.

Engineering of LPF gas supply is not only the drawings but, first of all, calculation of gas pipes sections (diameters) and the length of gas pipelines. A system with calculated parameters should provide all gas consumers with required quantity of gas under exact pressure. Correctly chosen gas pipeline exclude any adaptations or readjustments in the future.

Engineering of gas supply for private house, in general, is not required. It’s necessary to approve equipment only with capacity of more than 100 kW. In small houses, for cost reasons, it’s enough to provide an extra diameter of the pipe for gas pipeline, increasing it relative to minimum of required. It guarantees good gas flow, increases working efficiency of the system and later will allow connecting additional gas devices.

Engineering is required when we are peaking about gasification of residential settlement (more than 20 houses), several buildings, sensitive locations, shopping centers or big sheds where gas nets supply gas to different parts of the construction.

Engineering of LPG gas supply should be realized by professionals. Security and life-sustaining activity of the object depend on reliability and working efficiency of independent gasification system.

Gasification of residential settlement
(pic. 126.2 – Gasification of residential settlement)

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